one thing i appreciate (there are so many things i appreciate, sure, but this is one) about the editorial staff at publix’s design group is how tastefully they use puns. so many generic brands attempt to make their product name a knockoff of the name brand name’s name. (think of how many “dr. somethings” there are in the generic dr. pepper category.) while publix has done this in the past (i think there may have been a dr. publix at one point, but correct me if i’m wrong), these days they seem to focus on the products themselves instead of cheesy titles. (speaking of cheesy…)

anyway, this post’s featured product, Crunchy Rice, is a fairly new version of Kellogg’s Special K. here at the PublixPackaging household, we’re excited. special k is one of our favorite cereals, but we’re frugal shoppers and special k is expensive. i picked up a box of CrunchyRice recently, and it’s not bad. frankly, it’s not as good as the brand-name counterpart in my opinion, but it’s similar.

packaging-wise, the emphasis the title places on the descriptive words “crunchy rice” works for me. i suppose it’s still technically the descriptive word, but when you’re in an aisle full of a single product category, it makes a little more sense to emphasize adjectives rather than the nouns themselves. i guess. my jury is still out on that one. thoughts?

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