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it’s good AND good for you!

this little gem is my husband’s new favorite food (yep, that’s right, there’s a Mr. PublixPackaging now!). well, truly the vanilla flavor is his all-time fav, but the Publix I stopped at on my way home today was all out. Personally, though, i prefer the blueberry on the rare occasion that a yogurt mood strikes me.

the packaging design is an example of one of the first layouts we saw several years ago. it lacks the “punny” tagline, and instead relies upon a sketch of the item’s primary ingredient (in this case, a trio of blueberries). it’s also an example of Publix’s tendency to focus on the item’s descriptive word instead of the item name itself. i realize several very educated and experience people likely articulated a system long ago for choosing which words to highlight; i just don’t get it. in this case, i think i would have focused on yogurt — or maybe “blueberry yogurt” — and relied on consistency of design in the rest of the product line to immediately convey the rest.



sour cream—a classic

publix introduced its revamped sour cream container a long time ago. Notice the drawing—this was an early technique, and they haven’t used it lately. The serif font used for emphasis is another date indicator. This is common among the dairy products, but most of the dairy products were redesigned early.
sour cream
The color band changes depending on the specific product variety: the “light” version pictured here uses a blue band, others use a green band. In theory, this is a fantastic idea. I think it would be best to carry this practice across the dairy product line in the same way, though. For example, the cottage cheeses use a similar system, though in that case a green band represents the “light” version. Seems like customers might accidentally purchase the wrong variety after assuming the colors are consistent.

Also, this container gives us another example of emphasizing the adjective rather than the noun. (See the rant about popsicles.) I don’t understand the reasoning behind this decision…