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steamy and functional

here’s an example of how good design must address function as well as form. a couple years ago, the name brands came out with frozen vegetables that could be microwaved directly in the bag they came in. (great idea!) Publix followed along recently with this line of steam-in-bag vegetables.

in my opinion, store brands typically give even less attention to packaging function than they do to what the packages look like. publix, though, clearly spends more time than most on its packaging. i would imagine it pays off for them, too. if customers feel just as comfortable — if not more comfortable — with the store brand, they will buy the store brand more often and also shop at the store more often.

as for this bag’s looks, it’s not bad at all. it uses the photo approach commonly seen on this kind of product, and again puts typographical emphasis on descriptive words rather than product name. i wonder why they didn’t choose to focus on “california blend” since that’s the description that sets the product apart from others near it on the shelf. however, since the bag is in and of itself a selling point, perhaps they wanted to use the type to advertise it.

car popsicles!

what’s your favorite? orange. red. purple. the famous summertime treat of childhood has made its way to the shelves of pops

this is an interesting one, packaging-wise, too. product shots combined with color drawings turn the pops into speedy-looking cars that no child will want to turn down. the emphasized product name is equally intriguing: first, it’s a serif font. most of the “junk food” snack items so far have used a sans-serif font, and only the healthier, more traditional groceries feature the fonts with feet. secondly, this package is an example of a perplexing subset of the new design: the emphasized word isn’t the product name itself. it’s an adjective. the product name is in the smaller subhed typeface below. i don’t quite understand this one: it seems to me that it would be better to emphasize the product—makes it easier to identify from across the store, plus it’s just a more intuitive and customer-friendly approach, in my opinion.

fish sticks

who doesn’t like a good plate of fish sticks once in a while? it’s a throwback to childhood, a fast meal, something other than pasta (again).

fish sticksthese fish sticks are as good as they come, and their package isn’t too shabby either. a soft country blue bends around the top, and the traditional sans-serif typeface is used throughout (one of my favorites). they’ve separated the words in the product name with a space, though, which is less common. i prefer no space, but two colors, but hey—that’s just me.

product shots appear on multiple faces of the box—a nice touch. each photo is of course clean, simple, and set on the now-famous white background. seems to me like this particular product would have been a good candidate for the witty-phrase design, since it’s not exactly a fancy or serious food, but so far the frozen entrées don’t seem to utilize this technique.

tortellini, among other things

This is an example of Publix’s apparent effort to not only better present its products, but also to present more products.
Cheese Tortellini
Many new items have hit the shelves in recent months, including the tortellini pictured here. It’s frozen, and cooks in three minutes. Tastes great, too! My favorite of the new frozen pastas is this cheese-filled tortellini, but they also make ravioli. Both types of pasta come in cheese-filled and meat-filled varieties.

Notice the more traditional design on this one—certain types of products get a more refined treatment than others. The cookies from the last post, for example, had a clever bit of word-play featured on the front, and no product shot, whereas in this example we see a very formal product shot and no humor. My assumption is that this fits the product better, and therefore the target market. This package also utilizes the olive green accent color and serif typeface that appear on the dry pastas, likely to tie the complete line together.

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